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Contract Recruitment Project RPO Integrated RPO Enterprise RPO

Contract Recruitment

On demand, fixed priced Contract Recruiter service.

Cost: $9,000 - $10,500* Per Contract Recruiter Per Month *Range is dependent on the type(s) and volumes of positions that a Contract Recruiter is hired to support.

Check the highlights
  • We plug into your ATS, and follow your hiring guidelines and process.
  • We leverage your brand, your mission and values.
  • Our recruiter’s phone number and email address looks like you.
  • We act as an extension of your in-house recruiting team.
  • Computer and phone equipment is provided by Hueman, and already in place.
  • IT support – we have that covered, too!
  • Our management and leadership team provided full supervision of all Hueman contract recruiter(s).
  • Simple, fixed pricing.
  • Favorable cancellation terms.
  • We’re the best at the world at this. Don’t believe us, check out our awards.

Sometimes even the best HR recruitment team needs a little assistance; I mean – we are all human, right?

Our Contract Recruitment service is ideal for businesses with seasonal recruitment needs or who are experiencing expansion/growth phases. A Hueman Contract Recruiter can help supplement in-house HR or corporate recruiters, or work alongside recruitment agencies you may already be in partnership with. Whether you need help in a single department or multiple business units, with one or many positions, Hueman’s adaptable Contract Recruitment model is available to meet your needs. At Hueman, we’re experts in sourcing and hiring permanent employees. It’s actually all that we do.

We’ve made this an easy decision for you. It’s as easy as everything else you’ll work with us on. Contact us now so that we can get you set up with a Contract Recruiter immediately.


Project RPO

Recruitment focused on a specific business need.

Check the highlights
  • Specific project start and end date
  • Focused and singular business goal
  • Rapid implementation
  • Completely scalable recruitment resources
  • Meets demands that internal resources are unable to accommodate
  • “Plugs in” in order to supplement an internal team
  • Optional ATS & CRM technology
  • Data and analytics to ensure project success

Sometimes you need extra help on a recruiting project without needing to replace your solid recruiting team or overhaul your talent acquisition strategy. If there's a project that's beyond your normal scope of work, that's when you need us the most.

Our project-based RPO solution is designed to meet the needs that your internal teams can not accommodate. Situations could include opening a new office or facility with a need to staff up; or if your company is adding an entirely new department or unit to your existing business; or, your volume of hiring needs exceeds the normal amount and you simply need help ramping up. No matter the situation, we’re here to help with a dedicated recruitment team, consisting of as many recruiters as needed to get the job done, by easily and quickly plugging into your existing model.

We can even provide the necessary technology you may need to complete the job. With multiple ATS and CRM options for you to chose from, we can take on any challenge you have. We’ll not only recommend which key performance indicators we should measure to ensure project success, but we are also happy to follow your lead if your current strategy is already successful.


Integrated RPO

Recruitment services for specific targeted business areas.

Check the highlights
  • Partial Integration and Full Integration RPO options
  • Dedicated recruitment teams
  • Ranges in scope from sourcing candidates for a single department, to providing all recruitment services for 100% of all positions in an organization
  • Flexible to assist you in meeting all of your business objectives
  • Augments and enhances your internal resources
  • Optional ATS & CRM technology
  • Service level agreements / robust reporting & analytics

Determining which level of recruitment service you need for your company may not always be as clear as you would like. While this model allows for partial or full integration into your business, the level of integration could vary dramatically based on your needs.

To determine the appropriate solution for your organization, start by considering a few questions:

  1. How many need recruitment and hiring help? One, multiple, or all?
  2. How many hires does each department, or your entire business, need help with? One? 50? Or over 200?3) What specifically do you need help with? Marketing and sourcing, or the actual offer and on-boarding process?

If you need help answering those questions, we're here for that as well. Knowing more about your situation based on the above questions will help give us both a better understanding of what type of RPO model will work best for you—or discover that you fall into the “partial to full cycle” spectrum.

(Insert graph of spectrum - see PPT)

Enterprise RPO

End-to-end recruitment for your every business area.

Check the highlights
  • All-encompassing service delivery for every business area
  • Dedicated recruitment teams
  • Recruitment for almost all or all positions within an organization
  • Strategic consultation and change management of the entire talent acquisition strategy, including employer branding, sourcing, recruiting, hiring, employee engagement and retention
  • Optional ATS & CRM technology
  • Service level agreements / robust reporting & analytics

You may be wondering how this option is different than the fully integrated (link to that option) RPO solution. Well, from a tactical perspective, it’s pretty similar. What’s different, however, is the level of strategic consultation, and oversight of your entire talent acquisition strategy, that we can provide. This solution puts us at the forefront of your business to assess, analyze and implement changes that will elevate your organization’s employment strategy.

From advanced marketing and employee engagement to employee retention strategies, and everything in between, we will implement methods that ensure your strong, competitive positioning in the marketplace.

Extensive Recruitment Services and Offerings

Finding the right employees to exceed your hiring expectations is a difficult and costly pursuit – and puts an unparalleled amount of pressure on your internal Human Resources and Recruiting teams – if you even have such teams! The success of your business literally rests in the hands of the people who work with you; so, you really need to get hiring right the first time.

That’s where we come in.

We have created a suite of Recruitment Process Outsourcing offerings – covering the spectrum from single contract recruiter services to whole house, end-to-end recruiting services with a designated team. And, at Hueman, we realize that just like every person isn’t the same, neither is every business. So, our solutions are not black and white. Our business is built on a concept of recognizing and respecting individuality and adaptability: we get to understand what makes your business unique, and in turn, build a completely personalized solution that is perfect for your businesses’ needs – or hues as we call them.

To help you to get started, we’ve created a series of solutions as a launch pad for our further discussions with you.