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Hueman Touch

We Empower You

As your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner, Hueman puts the power of recruitment back in your hands. We know exactly what it takes to recruit and retain new hires who truly fit your culture. For us, it all starts by putting people first in everything we do.

Over 12,000 Hires Annually

Formerly a division of PPR Talent Management Group, our business was founded in the healthcare industry and focuses on culture-based hiring. In the healthcare industry alone, we make 12,000 hires annually—plus thousands of hires beyond healthcare. Regardless of the industry, we have everything it takes to seamlessly integrate with your company to make sure quality candidates fill your permanent positions.

Custom Chosen Candidates

With our professionally trained recruiters, culture-based processes and the latest in recruiting technology, we get the results you’re looking for: faster starts and higher retention, as well as decreased premium labor spend and costs for your organization.


A Success Story

Our Client:
Leading regional health system in Kentucky

Their Challenge:
Stabilize hard-to-fill clinical roles with experienced candidates while reducing their contingent labor spend.

Our Solution & Results:
We developed a program to manage all aspects of recruitment in hard-to-fill areas that resulted in the following:

  • 748 hires in 2016
  • 25% decrease in time to fill
  • 24% reduction in days to starts
  • 34% improvement in position aging
  • 67% reduction in 90-day turnover
  • Traveler spend offset by $1,259,760
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